Fire of Passion
Published: 2010/07/18

Chapter 1: Falling in Love

"I told rhem I was sorry about the false Eedrah," Nara complained to Dhozonesh after Love 101. It was a week after the incident with Tom Matúsalez, and Marrim had taught the class that day. She had really ripped into Nara, as though realizing what she'd done to the real Eedrah had not driven the point home.
"Maybe you should have given them a balloon and card, like Needa in the spoof," replied Dhozonesh. "Or maybe you should have just cut class."
"Here?" declaimed Nara with a good deal of incredulity. "With mini-Camoudiles and Piercing Squees and all? Did you just link in from Tangaroa (A/N: That's the name of a planet in a Heinlein novel)?"
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that." About that time, they had reached the cafeteria. Agents Madison and Gilbert in deep discussion and Nara felt something weird, of a sudden. "Dhozonesh?" she whispered. "I don't think it's just her breath that's hot."
"What do you mean?"
"Everything about her," Nara quietly declared.


"So what is the new Detention Age?" queried Gilbert.
"He'darra," replied Madison (A/N: That's where the Terahnee trained their slaves to obey, never make a sound, and basically never have a thing to hope for. And if you flame this story, you're no better than them). "Rowan and Bentley decided that too-tough puzzles weren't enough." She glanced at the table. Cupid, a mischievous lad, chose that moment to draw his bowstring back and fire at Madison. She promptly fell in love with Nara.

(A/N: Short chapter, and I know this is unlikely for Madison, but this is my story. And I can't believe they pulled my Tawaki/Dustin mpreg fic off FFN, or that it got a parade of flames over its two years.)

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