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Heya gais!! im xXshinyxXxthingsxXxlongXxxhairXx and i lik, just LOV DA PPC SOOOOOOO MUTCH! sO Like, tis is mah frst, tiem writing aficy n stfuf, but i got TOND of gud grades in meh enghlish clsse, so it'l; porblly b really gud n sutff.


Soo, my frist storry is gunna b bout ths totaly AWSUM PPC Agent called gilly (he says he wants to b called Gilbrt, but thats so stupid and lame!) and how he faaaalls in luv with this relly neryd chik (she's a agent, 2) but will ther luv be alowed?!?!!

(OH YEA, im caling the story 'But I Like Gil," because omg isnt that SUCH a romantic ting 4 him 2 edn up sayin to her?!
GAIS, bcuz kissinggg