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Internet Culture PPC Childhood Crush
Author: VegetaFangurl4Eva!
Fiction Rated: G - English - Romance/Angst - Reviews: 6 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 01-07-08 - Complete

One day Jason was bored and lonely in the nursery. All the ladies in charge (LOL! I can't remember the right word 4 them!) were bsy qith other kids and wrn't paying attention to him so he was sad. "It's not fair" he said "Mummy hasn't visited me in ages and no one plays with me cuz Im wierd." Coz, you see though Jason was very handsome for his age and kind to evryone he met none of the other kids would be his friend because he was from a fanfic from a fandom no1 had heard of and he kept fading into wallz.

"This is stuupid." Jason said. "Im going to go find some1 to be my frend." So he left the nursey, all the adults being to busy to pay attention to him and wondereded about in hq. All the agents passed him by, one person tripped over him. No1 could see him and that made Jason cry. "Why wont anyone be my friend? am i doomed to never know tru wuv?"

"Aw don't cry." Jason looked up to see a girl agent with beautiful curly red hair, emerald green eyes and clear skin (i no Georgia has freckles but i dont like freckles so in my story she doesn't have them) leaning over him. Thogh she was only a little older than him she had a firgure like an hourglass and was more beautiful than Luthien.

"Who r u?" Jason asked, blushing fiercly. "Can u see me?"

"I'm Georgia Branch and of course I can see you, genki-chan."

"How can u see me? And wot does genki-chan mean?"

"I can see you coz I have super agents powerz and genki-chan means really cute person." Georgia said, finally bringing in words other htan dialogue.

Jason smiled, happy that someone thought he was cute. "I'm Jason. Wanna get married?"

"Okay, Jason-chan," Georgia said "Ai shiteru"


And they lived happily ever after until July Flame and Kumori Tenki tracked them down, banged their heads together a few times and sent them to Medical for a few months.

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