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Krisstopher the Key
doctorditz -- General -- Posted: 24/09/2013 -- Updated: 30/09/2013
Agent Krisstopher woke up her RC regular time. She showered and ate breakfast before checking the console for any new missions. There was a scary message from Barbosa the misspelled monkey!

(Krisstopher dislikes plants, just like me, so she has it set where she only has to talk to Barbosa instead of the Flowers, even though she's not in the DTE. Monkeys are cool!)

The message said, "Agent Krisstopher, help! We have a big problem, and only your keyblade can help us! Please come to my office as soon as you have time!"

So Krisstopher brushed her teeth quickly and immediately summoned her keyblade, not wanting to waste any time. Her keyblade was silver and gold and violet and blue and green and purple, all in tiger stripes, and the handle was made of jungle wood, and the keychain was a cat paw and the part that would go inside a door is like lion teeth. (Big cats are cool too!) She pointed the keyblade to the air and made a portal to Barbosa's office. (Krisstopher doesn't do portals the PPC way because keyblades are better.)

In Barbosa's office, Barbosa shrieked. "All the agents are scared and complaining! The Mary Sues have learned to control the Heartless! They're sending them out to every world!"

Krisstopher gasped. "How can that happen?"

Barbosa shrugged his little monkey arms. "I don't know, plotholes? Anyway, you, Krisstopher, are the only PPC agent with a keyblade. (Agent Lunac doesn't count! He stole all of his from Sues!) You need to go to all the non-Kingdom Hearts worlds and seal the keyholes!"

"OK! I will go to Middle-earth right now!"

"Middle-earth certainly needs the attention. However, I would consider it a personal favor if you would go directly into Pirates of the--"

Krisstopher opened a portal to Middle-earth and stepped through.
Oooooooo shes going to middle-earth! Middleearths awesome! And Krisstopher (did i spell that rite?) is sooo cool! She doesnt talk to the flowers!!!!

Bye bye,