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Krisstopher the Key
doctorditz -- General -- Posted: 24/09/2013 -- Updated: 30/09/2013
Krisstopher arrived at the battle of Tumhalad, where Túrin Turambar in his dragon helm led an army of elves against an army of orcs. But fighting with the orcs were Heartless! At the back of Morgoth's army was a Mary Sue elf dressed all in black. She waved a hand, and more armored knight Heartless appeared and charged the elves.

Krisstopher charged into battle! She ran the armies, killing Heartless and orcs as she got closer to the Mary Sue. Finally, she reached the Sue at the opening of a ravine.


The Sue turned to face Krisstopher, but her eyes were white and empty. A deep chuckle sounded around them and another, huge pair of eyes appeared in the air behind the Sue.

"Is that what it's called?" asked Glaurung, the dragon becoming visible again, filling the ravine entrance. "Such useful creatures, these Baintoreth, when put to the right purpose." He waved his claw, and the Sue did the same, and three wyvern Heartless appeared.

Krisstopher jumped up and spun around in a circle, hitting all three Heartless with the keyblade and killing them all.

"Hmph. Well those were no true dragons." Glaurung made a pushing motion with his claw, and the Sue slid out of the way like on a track. "I will show you a dragon's true power!" He opened his mouth and breathed fire at Krisstopher.

Krisstopher jumped out of the way, shouting, "Glaurung!"


"I was swearing. Sorry."


Glaurung blew fire again, but Krisstopher ran back to where she had been before. The dragon moved his head to follow her, and Krisstopher ran straight past the Sue so that Glaurung's fire burned her up by mistake.

The Heartless all disappeared from the battlefield. Glaurung roared. "I wasn't done with that! Oh well. The orcs have already won."

Krisstopher asked, "Where can I find the keyhole?"

Glaurung snorted. "In children stories." He stared into Krisstopher's eyes, and she was stuck staring back. "I must go meet Túrin. You won't trouble me again."

The dragon disappeared, and Krisstopher was stuck for a while before she could move again. When she could, she said, "I need to look somewhere else for the keyhole." She opened a portal to somewhere else in Middle-earth and walked through.
Ooooo that was sooo exciting!! And the Glaurung joke was funny! Update update update!!!!!

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