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Krisstopher the Key
doctorditz -- General -- Posted: 24/09/2013 -- Updated: 30/09/2013
Krisstopher arrived in Rivendell, just like 85% of PPC agents going to Middle-earth. She walked up the building to the terrace where the Council of Elrond would be. (85% of PPC agents have this route memorized.) When Krisstopher got there, all the regular canons were in their seats, and two lines of other people were on both sides. One contained a long line of Mary Sues, and the other shorter line contained 85% of all PPC agents.

On the Sue side, Elladan said, "Now serving number 1,472." A Sue hobbit presented one of those number tickets shaped like a tongue to him and entered the canon area.

On the PPC side, Elrohir said, "Now serving number 31." Agents Rosie and Nenya gave their own number to him and hid behind a pillar.

A dwarf handed Gimli a new unbroken axe, and the hobbits other than Frodo hid behind a different pillar from the agents. Elrond rubbed his temples and said, "Let us begin once more, everyone, from the top . . ."

Krisstopher turned to the reader. "It's more efficient for everyone this way."

But then the skies darkened and a ringwraith flew down! "Behold, the power of the tenth ringwraith! The power of the Heartless!"

Alec Troven whispered, "If it's the power of the Heartless, it's not really the tenth ringwraith's power, is it?"

Elrond closed his eyes. "At least the numbers will match for once."

Heartless like crows started to swoop down from the sky. "Hey," said the Sue hobbit, "this isn't what I came for!"

"Yeah," said a wild men Sue. "Wait in line like the rest of us."

As the Sues and canons began to fire arrows at the Heartless, Megan said, "The Sues can't have all the fun!"

The Heartless army lasted seconds before the onslaught of canons, Sues and agents. A group of faerie Sues pulled the extra ringwraith Sue to the ground where she was killed by . . . let's say Glorfindel. He never gets to do much.

Krisstopher used her keyblade to kill the last, hurt Heartless flapping on the ground. "I contributed!"

"You have much more to contribute Krisstopher the Key," said Galadriel, walking up behind her. In Krisstopher's head, she heard Galadriel say more: "You seek the keyhole, agent Krisstopher."

Krisstopher rattled her head around. "You sound like the Flowers."

"Come with me, Krisstopher. Come to the mirror."
* * *

After Galdriel and Krisstopher applied makeup to each other at Galadriel's mirror, they turned to the Mirror of Galadriel. The elf poured water inside, and an image appeared: a yellow, rectangular man making obnoxious laughing noises which bubbled up from the Mirror.

"What is this?" asked Krisstopher.

"A terrible future, beyond our power to prevent," said Galdriel. She waved her hand. "What you seek lies in the past." The keyhole appeared, a beautiful, shimmering white that bathed light down on the little island below, where Gollum was brutally murdering a goblin.

Krisstopher bowed. "Thank you, Lady Galadriel of the Light of the Wood of the Galadhrim of--"

"Just go," Galadriel said, waving her hands in Krisstopher's face. "Please."
Oooooooo!!!!!! That was sooo good! I hopr Kriss (can I call her that?) gets to finish her mision! And Galaladriel does sound like the Flowers!

Bye bye ------ Dazz