A Daisys Heart
Published: 2010/07/14
AN: So I know I got really upset after last year when my last story got FLAMED by a bunch of mean people trying to say I could'nt write and I thought I might give up on PPC storys if ppl were just goign to be nasty about them. But I read some of the old storys like the Origginal SEries and changed my mind so I decided to come back nd try again. Hopefully all the stupid flamers will have gone away this time and if they haven;t and they're reading this now GO AWAY FLAMERS! And if you flame me I'll just use your flames for toastimg marshmallows!

Chapter 1

Back in the early days of the PPc when everything was new and shiny and the AGents didnt have to work so much the Flowers used to work with them more closely than they do now with all the FLowers upstairs in ofices. anyway this story is from those faroff times when they worked side by side with the Agents and were close to them and some of them even grew close enough to their partners to.... love them. Because Flowers mihgt not have hearts in the same way that humans do but they still can feel and have feelings like them.

This is a tale of one flower who fell in love back then and how it changed him for ever...


Agent Elli Lloysin rolled over in bed and smiled at her lover who lay beside her with his petals closed. (AN: Because flowers always close thir petals at night and my science teacher told me so it has to be true.) "Wake up Marqis love" she said. "We have to get back to work soon".

His petals opened and he turned to her and wrapped his leaves around her to hold her close. "I know but lets have just a few more minutes together like this first". "I don;t want to get up yet and leave you".

"That's all right dear". "it's not like theres' lots to do anyway". Elli snuggled down against him happily.

They had been parntered for a while now and although the Marqis was grumpy at firts because he was used to working with other FLowers he had grown to care about Elli and her gentle ways because she was always so understandign when he gor grumpy at her and never got grumpy back at him. But this made him even more grumpy sometimes because he didn't think he could tell her how he felt in case she laughed at him because Flowers and agents had never cared about each other that way before. (AN: This is befor Jaycacia was born so that's why I said that because we all know they can really and it jsut takes a specail person.)

One day the Marqis got so upset because of being grumpy that he YELLED at Elli and made her cry. He felt sorry straight away and said he was sorry for it. When she stoped crying she asked him why he was always so grumpy when she tryed so hard to be nice to him. He hung his bloom sadly and said "I don't think i can say because its a silly thing to think about". And she sighd and said "It can't be silly if it makes you so upset and I wish you'd tell me because then we can get it sorted". "i promise I'll never lauhg at you for it whatever it is because I care about you andI wouldn't be so mean".

When she said that he couldn't help but feel happy and he took a deep breath (AN: I know flowers can't really breathe but let's just say he did) and said "I think i'm in love with you". "I've cared about you for a long time now but i was afraid you wouldn't feel the same way so I tried to hide it but I can't any more".

Elli starred at him for a few moments and then her pale blue eyes filled with shining tears which she wiped away as they began to run down her cheeks. "Oh Marqis" she said. "I wsh you'd told me sooner even if you were afraid because you should know by now I'dn ever laugh at you for something like that". "We can't help our feelings".

"I'm sorry" the Flower said sadly. "You don't think it;s silly"?

"of course not". "I care about you too you know and I"..

"You what"? He reached out wth one leaf and wiped away her tears because he felt so sad at seeing her cry.

"I.... think i love you too".

He gasped. "Really"?! She smiled up at him and reached out to him. "Yes really". "I'm glad you told me because now we can be together forever and I;m sure none of the others will mind becaus ethey'll be so glad to see you happy again".

"yes of course" he whispered as he held her close. "I love you Elli".

"I love you too Marqis dear" she murmred as she leaned against him. And she was right and everyone else was soo happy for them that they always tryed to make sure Elli and the Marqis were close to each other.


Elli finally sat up and got out of bed slowly. "Come on love" she said kindly. "We shouldn't lie in bed when there are missions to do".

"Oh very well" he sighed and got up and dressed with her. Just as they finished getting dressed there was a BIP! from their console and they went to look.

It was a message from the SUnfloewr Official!

[Hello Marquis and Agent Lloysin. Please come upto my offcie at once as I have something very important to say to you.]

They looked at each other and then hurried out of the door. "I guess we're not goign on misisions today" Elli said happily as they went to the office.

"No I guess not" the Marqis replied as he knokced at the door and they waited together to find out what the SO wanted...

Hehe I bet you all can;t wait to find out what happened! Well hopefully I'll be able to write the next chappie soon and I hope I get nice reviews because they make me want to write MORE! (Hint hint)!

AN: I decided to go ahead and write this chappie anyway because the stupid FLAMERS can't stop me writing my story however I want to!

NiGhT-fIrE-wOlF thatnks for the lovely review this chappie is for you!

CHapter Two

Elli and the Marqis heard a voice saying "Come in" so they did and the SO was sitting there in front of them behind his desk and he greeted them very politely and said "Hello Agent Lloysinand my friend the Marqis". "i'm glad you came so quickly because this is important".

"What is it sir"? Elli asked inquisitively. "We're not in trouble are we"?

"No no of course not" he reassurred her. "this is good news for you both". "I've talked to the other Flowers and we decide that you two are in too much danger on misions and your love might be in danger".

"We don't mind sir" Elli said bravely. "It's our duty".

"Well I mind" he said sternly but kindly. "We've decided to make a new position for the Marqis and you are going to help him with it".

"What position is that dir"? said the Marqis humbly. "I never thought I'd be any good at anything important".

"You are going to be the Head of the Adminitsration Deppartment and Elli will be your personal asistant" the SO declared. "We know you'll be good at it because you two are good at working together and youre so good with paprwork and stuff".

"Oh thank you thank you sir" said Elli and sje jumped for joy and hugged the Marqis. "Isn't that wonderful love"? "Now we never have to risk losing each other again"! And the Marqis was happy too and he held her close and thanksed the SO who watched them and was happy ebcause they were so happy.

"We'd better get to to work" the Marqis said finally and they left the So's office and went to his new office and settled down and started to work and they were happy to work together.

Then one day an emergency message came through for them and it said [There a re MarySues inHQ and evryone needs to help fight them or hide so they don't get hurt!] And Elli said "Oh no we mut go and help"1 and she ran to the door and grabed her old wepaons that she used to use when she was fighting mary Sues in ehr old department.

And the marqis said "No Elli wait we should go and hide so we don't get hurt because I would never want you to get hurt"!

She turned to him bravely and said "I am a PPC Agent and I must go and fight to help the other Agentsbecause I can't abandon them". "I love you and I'll becareful I promise but I must do this".

And he said "All right I will go with you because I can't let you go alone to face evil mary Sues alone" and he grabbed his weapons too and went out to fight with her.

They fought ver bravely and saved lotsof Agents but soon they found themselves in a corridor with Sues coming after them and they were trapped in a dead end. Elli got a bit afraid but tryed to be brave for her lover and said "What shall we do because we can't die here"?

One of the Sues who had trapped them who was all sparkly and perfect and evil laughed evilly. "You WILL die here"! she laughed and all the others laughed too. "We will kill all the Flowers and then the Agents too"!

Elli shoulted "NEVER"! and hurled herself in fromnt of the Marqis to save him as the Sues approached...

Hehehe a CLIFFIE!!1 if I get NICE reviews I'll post the next chappie very soon okay! Flamers can go kiss a rat!
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 2] That's so nice thanks!

of course Elli is brave because she's in LOVE. And don't worry the Marqis won't die... but I won't say any more there bcause thatd be giving away the ending hehehe! And of course the SO acepts them because he's gonna find Jaycacia later on (because this is set before she came along of course).

And yes yes yes this is such a nice review and you're so nice that I promise I'll update soon!Cliffies are just sooo much fun! :D
[Chapter 2] OMG!!!!! Im so glad that the So acepts them, but i feel like im gonna faint!1 How could u leacve us on a cliffie lyk that? evil! hahah jk jk.

elli is SO BRave that sue had better wathc her sparkly butt. i ryly hop she saves the maruqis! i dont want 2 think of whatt she might do if he dyed.

Is this nice enugh??? plz say yes! update update update!
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[Chapter 2] I am NOT a sockpuppet. If you would take a mere five minutes to compare my stories with those of Canon Queen you would see that our writing styles are very different; therefore, we cannot possibly be the same person.

Also, this is not bullying. This is an attempt to save your story. I, at least, thought you might appreciate that. Clearly, I was wrong.
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 2] Oh Go away you're probably jsut a sockpuppet! Youre just trying to make it look like youre ganging up on me to make me not want to write any more well SCREW YOU and your stupid sockpuppets because I'm going to keep writing ANYWAY!!1! ANd I'm NOT CHILDISH just because I get upset that people are BULLYING me! Go AWAY before I report you for FLAMING!
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[Chapter 2] YOU should be GRATEFUL. Canon Queen has several excellent points and if you would simply follow her instructions rather than throwing a tantrum worthy of a five-year-old, your writing may, someday, actually become worth the time it takes to read.

Canon Queen, I thank you for your honesty and applaud you for taking on such childish opponents as this.
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[Chapter 2] YOU JUST SHUT THE **** UP! Throw YOURSELF in an incinerattor you stupid BICTH so nobody else has to listen to you being HORRIBLE about their storys! I'[m writing about the Marqis and the SO from MY POV because I believe they're just misunderstood and stuff so learn to think about other peoples ideas you stupid cow!

And obviously YOU haven't been reading the old storys bcause it even says in the Reorganisattion stuff and on the wikie that the Marqis was head of the ADMIN Deppartment so SUCKS TO BE YOU! I[m just saying that maybbe this is one of the reasons WHY! And not every Agent can fight so it DOES make sense to have people who can't fight hideing or there'd be no Aggents left!

WHY don't YOU get your facts straight before you come down here calling me names and being mean about my story you stupid retarted cow! **** off and die in a fire yourself so nobody ever has to hear about you aain! AND STOP FLAMING MY STORY!
Canon Queen
[Chapter 2] And just when I thought you couldn't get any worse...


I can't believe you actually made the Marquis even more OOC than he already was! And you made the Sunflower Official OOC as well? You clearly don't know what the hell you're writing about!

LOL! You really, honestly think that a brand new Department was made just so your Mary Sue Agent and her lobotomised Marquis de Sod didn't have to risk their lives any more? ROFLMAO! You really, really, really don't have a clue, do you? Did you somehow miss the fact that the Flowers really don't actually care about the lives of the Agents?

And the Flowers wouldn't tell Agents to hide in the event of an invasion! That's just -ing stupid, you retard! The whole purpose of the PPC is to fight Sues! You don't -ing do that by -ing hiding.

Just go die in a fire and stop inflicting your dreck on the world.
Lady Cyskia
[Chapter 1] IM not bein moody UR th moody 11111!!!!
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 1] it's not MY fault you got all moody! But whatever just stop arguing with me and I'll forget you were moody.
Lady Cyskia
[Chapter 1] well u didnt hav 2 YELL !@ me! & im not stoopid so ther
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 1] No I CAN'T! He wouldnt be the Marqis if he was HUMAN would he stupid? It's not like I'm goign to write smut or anything (because okay even I think that would be wierd and its only JayBird who can do that well with her Jaycacia storys and all) so its okay if they're just in love!

I pronise I won't show them sleeping together okay?
Lady Cyskia
[Chapter 1] EW!!!! u made a GRL sleep w/aFLOWERT? EEWEwwwwwEWEWEW

i mean its kinda cute &all w/dem being ssoooo romantic but relly leafs&petals R just EWW. cant u jus make hium jhUman???!?!
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 1] Awww thanks! Of course I tryed to make things scientificlly acurrate because even if they're TALKING Flowers they're still flowers you know? And yeah Romeo and Julliet was an awesome movie! This fic's not gonna be liek that though but it was a nice guess anyway.

The SO won't forbid them I promise but there will be.... other problems and I promise I'll write more now because you asked so nicely (even if one of my other reviews was a stupid FLAMER and I'm going to toast marshmallows with her stupid flame. You wanna come and I'll bring plenty? Hehehe)

Oooh i rly rly hope you write your story because I'd love to see it! I LOVE seeing new storys and writers!
[Chapter 1] LUV IT!!!1 this is so so sweet!! it was cool that you added wat ur scienece teacher told u i bet he'd be happy ur using wat u learned, cause flamers act lyk we dont use our braines.

i think its almost like romeo n juliet if romoe was a flower, which woud be awesum rite?

i rly hop this is a nice enugh review that u'll rite more, cuz it seems lyk teh sO might furbid Elli n the mArquis love! :(

i mite rite a sotory abut furbidden luv 2, there r 2 agwents ttly ment for eahc other but there author hasnt even notyced!!! its lyk she wants 2 make them sad!!

plz plz plz rite more!!!1!
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 1] Why don't you just shove off?!!! You're taking all this way too SRIOUSLY you stupid COW! My friends like my storys no matter waht you say and like I said before they're SMARTER than you so I wouldn't have to pay then anyway!

You just don;t like seeing anyone having fun writing because you can;t write anything yourself and you probably live in your mum's loft or something and have no friends so you just pick on other people you BICTH!

And anyway the Marqis CAN'TR have a lobottomy because he hasn't got a normal human BRAIN and a lobotomy is BRAIN surgery so HA! Suck on that you stupid MORON! And Elli isn't a MarySue she's a self insert and they aren't automativally Mary Sues so SHUT UP before you say they are!
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[Chapter 1] Someone who is better at spelling than you are, obviously. Big surprise, you got good reviews from your gaggle of similarly brain-dead fanbrat friends. How many of them did you have to pay to give those good reviews? Or were all of them your sockpuppets?

You don't have to write things to know what good writing is, you retard. I have no reason to be jealous of this pile of complete and utter shite.

Not using Word is no -ing excuse, dumbass. You just go to Google and type in 'online spellcheck'. It's so easy even a five year old can do it, although I recognise that even that might be beyond your capabilities.

He's in love? Had a lobotomy is more like it. You may as well have paired your silly little Mary Sue with a cardboard cut-out, because that's all the resemblance your 'Marquis' bears to the real one.
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
[Chapter 1] OMG WTF who do you thikn you are?! You're the RETARD here! I got good reveiws for my other storys and you're just JEALOUS because YOU never wrote anything! I have some problems with my spelling and grammar and I KNOW that but I'm trying to improve and i don't USE Wor d documments so I havent GOT spellchecker you braindead MORON!

Adn you leave Americans out of this because I have American friends and they can write way better than I can so you just don't have a CLUE!

And the Marqis is in LOVE dumbass and that's why he's acting weird and I'll explain it in my next chappie if I even write one now because of you being so godawful MEEEEANNN!
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[Chapter 1] YOU SUCK!!!

Those people last year were right to flame you! You honestly, truly can't write. You're absolutely awful at this. I don't know why you even bother. Please take your terrible, retarded crap elsewhere, and stop inflicting it on innocent people who've never done anything to deserve it!

You even have a spelling mistake in your title, you stupid person! What sort of writer can you possibly be if you can't even spell your -ing title properly?

Stop using chatspeak. It makes you look like an illiterate, 13-year-old American retard girl. (Although that's a bit redundant, because all Americans are retards.)

It's spelled 'Original Series', you dumb airhead. God, how braindead do you have to be to get that wrong? Learn how to read and write and use spellchecker before you even think about opening a Word document again, you spaz.

Oh, and you should get a thesaurus as well. Your fic reads like it was written by someone with the reading age of a -ing five year old.

I'm not even going to touch how OOC the Marquis de Sod is in this. It hurts my brain to even think about it.