Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
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Hi my name is Ellintyra Llyosinthayr but u can cal me Elli! I have shiney long blonde hair adn big blue eyes and I LUV romance! My faverite fandom evar is teh PPc an i liek Jacacia best of all but i like lots of other peple too! mi storyis on fanficLand wer all about romanse so maybe ill rite some on here too!

I'm 19 and I luv the PPC like loads! I red all the storys like Jay na Acacia's ones and teh ones with Daffydd in cuz there's lots of them nad they do all kind s of kool stuff and can swordfigth and thigns like that (I wish I ciuld swordfight....*sighj*).

Anywaay yeah I might not rite much but I read loads so I'l reviwe othr ppl's storys lots. If I wrte anythig pleas reveiw and i'lk deffo do nthe same for you! ALl my freinds say I'm a rlly good writuer when I do stuff so Im ight put some stuff up here.
Everyone knows the Marqis de Sod is mean and stuff to everyone but what happened to make him that way? [PG-13 | Romance]
Kelvin is lonely because he wants to find his one True love but he has to hide his real preferrences but could one person from StarWars change all that? [R | Action/Romance]
This is my firts stroy Im putting up so plz be nice cos I don't like flames the make me sad! [PG | Action]