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Should U, Wuld U, Kudzu B Mine?
brandywine_baby89 -- General/Romance -- Posted: 02/07/2008 -- Updated: 23/09/2014
1day, some1 new walked down the corrders of HA. She was short, 5' tall, tho her black boots made her look taller. Her ahir was blonde but dyed with dark red-brown 2 blend in better and like camoflash, and she had blue etes with contacts bcus glasses would relflect light 2 much. And she wort a blakc shirt that showed her stomah, bcaus she worked out bertween rading LOTR and HO and of course keeping up on the PPC missions, bcaus she knew that if she wanted 2 be good, she had 2 b lyke DAffyd and JAyCacia and the other famous agents. NEway, she did;t have a lash pathc yet bcause she was going to get it soon, but she wore a skit that was gave her freedom of movement and not slowher down in missions. So she wnet 2 c the MArqwie de Sod.

(OMG cliffie lol!! PLz review, nother chappie coming soon!