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A Morning of Mourning
JayBird -- Angst/Romance -- Posted: 22/09/2014 -- Updated: 28/09/2014
A/N: HAI GUYZZZZ!!!!! ITZ ME JEYBIRD! Ok so I have a new favourite agent JUST KILLING!!! Obvs my favorite argents are still JAYCACIA and JAY and the SO but I hav a new SEMI-FAUVOTIRE AGENT. His name is SUPERNUMBERARY and he is SO HAWT. So tihs is my story about Supernumberary. Plsz R&R!

Supernumberary was riding through HQ on his partner Illian, who was a blue horse thing only he's got eyes like a snail on his head and no mouth (A/N: whats up with taht?!?). And they rode into the Tomb of the PPC Agent, and Supernumberary got down from Illian and knelt on the floor.

~Oh wow,~ said Illian (A/N: he tolks in flanty lettrs but I don no how 2 do tehm ok???), ~what is this place? It's pretty big.~

"It's the Tomb of the PPC Agent," said Supernumberary. "It's where we write down all the names of all the PPC agents who have been all the killed." (A/N: C what I ddi their???)

~Oh wow,~ said Illian, ~so who are all the people who are named here?~

"Well, there are lots," said Supernumberary, still kneeling. "There are Elizabeth and Anya and Osbert, who were the first PPC Agents. There is the Mysterious Somebody, who was in charge before he got killed. There is Jaycacia Thornbyrd, who has since come back to life."

~Of course,~ said Illian, ~I know that. Everyone knows the great Jaycacia.~

"I know," said Supernumberary seriously. "There is also the Untangler and the Agent, who are Time Lords, so they got better as well."

~That must be really useful,@ said Illian. ~I wish I was a Time Lord.~

"Maybe someday you will be," said Supernumberary encouragingly. "And there are lots of other names, like (A/N: culdnt' think of tehse so fil it inn yousef!)"

~But what about Acacia?~ asked Illian. ~Surely she is also dead.@

"We can never be sure of that," said Supernumberary seriously. "Acacia had powers beyond our understanding and also she is evil."

~Oh ok,~ said Illian. ~So why are we here?~

"I needed to pray," said Supernumberary, "but I have done it now. So we can go."

~I don't like this place,~ said Illian, as they walked out of the door. ~It's sad.~

~Yes,~ said Supernumberary seriously. "It is the Tomb of the PPC Agent."

~Ah,~ said Illian, ~that would explain it.~
OMG i <3 Agent Ilian! He iz so hawt, lol! But...... i thought he wuz an elf? Why is he bue, and no mouth, wut?

Som1 told me how to do tha slanty letters: u do (i) worswoswods (/i) but with < > instead of ( ). Hpe that helps, lol!

I still idk who this Supernumberary guy iz, lool. Wher did u read a bout him?

Ur still the best Jaybird! <#

Here. Let me Google that for you.

If your too ignorant to evenbother using the internet correctly you shoulden't be here.

And he's soooo dreamy :3 <3 lol shame he n the analight are prob in a relashionship.