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Should U, Wuld U, Kudzu B Mine?
brandywine_baby89 -- General/Romance -- Posted: 02/07/2008 -- Updated: 23/09/2014
(AN: Well, I onl got 1 revue 4 the last chappie, but tha's ok!

Ellintirya Lloysinthayr: LOL, don't worry, she's not a Sye. she's totally balanced n stuff, and Sues SUCK! Thx 4 reading!)

Teh recruit walkind in2 teh Marwuis's office an aid, "Hi, I'ma new recruit! I just joined 2day and I'm ready 2 rock!"

But the Marqis said "what are u doing in my office? I didn't know about any new recturi! Who are u?"

Ad she said, "my name is Aurora E. Lorra OMG HOw come ur so mean when i didnt do nethign 2 u?!"

And he said "None of ur bizwax, I bet u want 2 b an asssassin and for the SO right? hahaha" he laughed asdly.

And she said "Well yah, what else is there? xsept Dogga, but they're just cool bcus they get fire."

The Marwis shook like a laef (AN: haha), he was afraid of fire!

Aurora went up 2 him and asid "Aw I'm not gonne hurt u, I don't even like fire either. How come ur so sad and stuff?"

And h e said "sigh, well I guess I can tel u, u seem nice. I... im jealus of the SO! he gets everything, and not me. Hes got all the assassins ans jay and acacisa (even tho shes scary) AND Jaycacia loces him, and ismarried 2 him 2!" and he cried!

And Aurora sad "That is true, but I bet ppl would like u mroe if u werent so mane all the time." she hgged him. "Im not cool liek JAkacia or nething, but I wil help u!

"but how?" sniffed the Marwiq.

"I do knot now, but Iwill think fo sumthing!" said Aurora.

(What wil she do lool? fid nout next time! REVUS PLZ!