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Should U, Wuld U, Kudzu B Mine?
brandywine_baby89 -- General/Romance -- Posted: 02/07/2008 -- Updated: 23/09/2014
Chaper 6: Teh Dne of ACFS

(AN: OMG a new sit! Yay!

Burning Water: Sorry i didn't see ur reviw on Capter 4 b4! THANX! Ul <3 this 1!)

So Aurora went 2 the Dne of CaFS and looked 4 the secirt weapone 2 turn the Kudzu back in2 a girl. It was a quest of True Love!

The Dena of CAS was in Middle-earht, so she tooka a CAD and protaled in. She was in a forest and it was all sparkly and purpleand pink an sutfff, and there was bunnis and unicorns and deers and stuff. And the all looked at her with big icky etes.

So Aurora pilled out her slingshot and shot at them! Pow POwe Pow! They al fell down and their ayes wer all spinny.

And Aurora say "Haha, you stupid CAFS! You all SUCK!" And she went anf dound the scrit weapnos!

It was.... .... .... A RING!

(Lol ,bet u didn't c that coming! R&R plzkthxbai!

Ummm so greyt story! Ummm Ihave a questio. Bcuz (spoylerz everyon!!! Dont reed if your not brandy baby!!!!!) Iwas goingg to hav the bad gay in Sweet Blood an Tares be teh Markwis, but ummm alot of peopl seem to lik him. So ummm shuld i chang that to sotp peaple gettin upset wih me or waht?